Nellie May Shoemaker

F, b. 13 October 1861
  • Last Edited: 12 Nov 2017
  • Birth*: 13 October 1861
  • Married Name: 13 October 1881; Orr
  • Marriage*: 13 October 1881; Principal=Henry Burt Orr

Family: Henry Burt Orr b. 10 Jun 1860, d. 16 Aug 1932

Joshua Davis1

M, b. 14 December 1724, d. 17 April 1788
  • Last Edited: 20 Nov 2017
  • Biography*: About 1 Apr 1767 Joshua removed from Perquimans to the Rich Square Mothly Meeting in Northampton Co., NC. Wife Huldah and daughter Sarah were also accepted at Rich Square at this time. In about 1772 he removed to the Falling Creek MM which later became a part of the Contentnea MM. This was located in the present-day Goldsboro area of Wayne Co., NC. His will was dated 18 Nov 1787 in Wayne Co., NC. Source: Genealogical research notes and charts of Virginia Ann Kingsbury and Mary Lucile (Davis) Kingsbury, Indianpolis, IN. 1977. On about 15 Jul 1767 she was selected "Overseer" of the Rich Square Monthly Meeting. She was then responsible for taking care of the physical welfare of other members who needed special attention; especially widows, orphans, and the elderly. Her will was dated 7 Jul 1796, and probated in Oct 1796 in Wayne Co., NC.
  • Birth*: 14 December 1724; Perquimans Co., North Carolina1
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 3 January 1750; Perquimans Co., North Carolina; Bride=Huldah White2
  • Will*: 18 November 1787; Wayne Co., North Carolina
  • Death*: 17 April 1788; Wayne Co., North Carolina1

Family: Huldah White b. c 1734, d. 19 Aug 1796


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Lazarus Stewart

M, b. circa 1683, d. 29 September 1744
  • Last Edited: 25 Feb 2019
  • Birth: circa 1683; Scotland
  • Birth*: circa 1683; Ireland; from Preston Myers, October 2018:

    ...the data from a Y-DNA and Big Y-DNA test from a confirmed male Stewart cousin on FTDNA and part of the Royal Stewart Family Project, shows the Lazarus Stewart line descended down from Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute who was the illegitimate son or Robert II.Robert II was first in line of the Royal Stewart's.... The Stewart line of Bute is the only recognized Stewart "Clan" by the British government most likely because of the illegitimacy of Sir Robert, Sheriff of Bute....

    ...[ Y-DNA] Kit number 209417 and shows William Pemberton Stewart, Jr. as distant ancestor. My line goes from Lazarus 1683, to David to Lazarus 1770-1850 to William Pemberton Stewart, 1804-1848.

    Another cousin, Richard Stewart, has kit number 14486 going back to Lazarus Stewart on the Stewart or Royal Stewart Family Project also descends down through David Stewart through Thomas Hamilton Stewart. I been in communication with Richard off and on for the last 8 years. He has not done the Big Y-DNA test but the STR's are 65/67 with kit # 209417 which is within the margin for reasonable mutations for 200 years....
    For Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute, and his ancestry, see:
  • Marriage*: say 1710; Principal=Margaret Steuart2
  • Death*: 29 September 1744; Paxtang Settlement, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
  • Probate*: 1766; Minutes of Orphan's Court of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

    William Stewart in behalf of himself & his Brothers & Sisters, Uncles & Aunts. aganst Lazarus Stewart -- on Caveat.

    In this case it appears the Lands in Contest were surveyed unto Lazarus Stewart Grandfather of William upon a Warrant obtained by him. That he dyed leaving John his eldest Son Father of the Pl't and Lazarus the Def't and also Peter, James, David, Margaret & Margery his other Children. That the said John is since dece'd leaving the Pl't his eldest Son & several other Children. That the said Lands since entering this Caveat have bee valued to the said William the Pl't as eldest Son of the eldest Son of the said Lazarus the Grandfather by Order of the Orphans Court of Lancaster County at £ 375 to be paid to the Children of the said old Lazarus and the Representatives of such as were dead according to their respective Shares. The Governor therefore Orders that the Survey (after being regulated according to the Determination in the Caveat by Nicholas Simon & Adam Cleman ag't the H'rs of Lazarus Stewart) be accepted for the said William Stewart and that a pat. issue thereon to him upon paying the prop'y Demands.

    Upon considering this Case the Governor determines Nicholas Simon & Adam Cleman In Trust for the Lutheran & reformed Congregation of Hanover Township have surveyed to them on their warrant as much of Lazarus Stewarts Survey as will be excluded by continuing the 46 E. Line of that Land down to Swatawra Creek. And that so much be excluded from Lazarus Stewarts Survey the same appearing to have been included without the consent of the said Lazarus.3
  • Note*: 1896; Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County,
    Containing Sketches of Representative Citizens, and Many of the
    Early Scotch-Irish and German Settlers. Chambersburg, Pa.:
    J. M. Runk & Company, 1896, pages 146-149.

    HISTORY: Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia, Chapter 7, Lazarus Stewart, Dauphin County, PA


    I. LAZARUS STEWART, a native of the north of Ireland, came to
    America in 1729, the same year locating on a tract of land "situate on
    Swahatawro creek," in then Lancaster county. This tract of three
    hundred acres was directed to be surveyed for him by the Proprietaries
    on the 6th of March, 1739. With the aid of two Redemptioners, whose
    passages were paid by him, he built within that and the two years
    following a house and barn, cleared twenty odd acres of arable land and
    planted an orchard. He died about 1744. His farm was a long time in
    dispute owing to the fact that the warrant never having been issued his
    son Lazarus took out a warrant for the same land. After the death of
    the first Lazarus' wife a suit was brought by William Stewart, eldest
    son of John Stewart, for the recovery of his share in his grandfather's
    estate. A distribution was made in 1785, from the record of which in the Orphans' court proceedings we have the foundation of the
    genealogy herewith given. There is no information as to the name or
    the date of death of the first Lazarus Stewart's wife. They may have
    had other children, but the following are the names of all who reached
    mature years:
    2. i. John, b. 1712; m. Frances _____.
    3. ii. Margaret, b. 1714; m. James Stewart.
    4. iii. Margery, b. 1716; m. John Young.
    iv. Lazarus, b. 1718.
    v. Peter, b. in 1720; took up one hundred acres of land
    adjoining Andrew Lykens and William Campbell, in Hanover township,
    surveyed to him on the 17th of September, 1743. Prior to 1760 he
    removed to North Carolina; m., and left issue.
    vi. James, b. 1722; took up one hundred and fifty acres of
    land "adjoining Lazarus Stewart and James Murray on Swahawtawro creek,
    in Hanover township," surveyed to him on the 2d of December, 1738. He
    married and removed to North Carolina with his brother. From Lew Griffin: The James with the 1738 land was actually James Steuart or Stewart, born 1708, son of George Steuart, and nephew of Margaret Steuart, wife of Lazarus. See him elsewhere in this file.
    vii. David, b. 1724; m., and removed with his brothers to North
  • Note: November 1928; Excerpts from Stewart Clan Magazine, by George T. Edson.

    Stewart Clan Magazine, November 1928, Volume vii, No. 5

    THIS is a very interesting — and a very enigmatical — family to study. We have used a miscellaneous lot of "authorities," some fallacious, perhaps, and have pieced together material which makes a good frame-work, wc believe, for future elaboration. Tradition says that the father of Lazarus Stewart [perhaps named Charles] was born in Scotland and that he had twelve children, of whom Lazarus was sixth. Whether the rising of 1715 had anything to do with the fortunes .of this family or not we can only guess. Six sons are said to have come to Pennsylvania about 1729 and located near the junction of the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers, above Harnsburg. Some of the sons removed to other settlements. They were:
    Lazarus 1683 ; settled in Hanover, now in Dauphin county. Pa. ,
    Lazarus Stewart was probably born about 1683, perhaps in Scotland. He must have married about 1709, but his wife's name has not been discovered. Hazy tradition says he fled to Holland and later went to Ireland, embarked from Ireland for New England about 1722, and after a few years moved with his family to Pennsylvania. In 1729 he acquired a tract of land in Hanover township. Lancaster [now Dauphin] county, "situate on Swahatawro Creek." He built a house and barn and cleared twenty acres but evidently secured no warrant for the land from the Penns. In a land description Dec. 2, 1738, his place is mentioned as adjoining. No one knows when he or his wife died. Their son Lazarus took out a warrant Oct. 20, 1743, for a tract of land in Hanover township which undoubtedly included the father's land, and in later years the heirs became involved in a lawsuit over the division of the first Lazarus 's 300-acre homestead. And through affidavits in this suit we know that Lazarus 's children were:
    Margaret; m. James Stewart: parents of Capt. Lazarus
    Margery; m. John Young
    John circa 1712; m. Frances; d. about 1761
    Lazarus; m. Ann
    James circa 1716;
    Peter ; m. ; living in North Carolina in 1784
    David ; m. ; living in North Carolina in 1784

    Stewart Clan Magazine, June 1934, Volume XI, No. 12

    Through the kindly aid of Charles J. Stewart of Oakmont, Pa.,... we have obtained a copy of the records in an old Stewart family Bible, now owned by Joseph Somma,... Pittsburgh, Pa.... It was printed in 1725 and was bought in 1729 by Lazarus Stewart.... It descended to Lazarus Stewart, sheriff of Allegheny county, Pa., who died in 1843, and was last owned by a Stewart when it was the property of the sheriff's granddaughter, Mrs. Amanda (Stewart) Kennedy of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Kennedy was housekeeper for Joseph Somma's father, and about 1915 she gave the treasured book to Joseph, at that time 15 years old, for reading scripture to her. The volume has seen much usage, having been used in the ceremonial at hangings, and many of the inscriptions are faded and almost illegible. The complete inscriptions are:
    Robert Cunningham, his hand and pen [at Kings I, chapter viii]
    Robert Cunningham [at Chronicles I, chapters xvi and xvii]
    Lazarus Stewart who was twice sheriff of Allegheny County was born on the Seventh day of December A. D. 1779. He died in Tuesday the ... of February A. D. 1843
    Lazarus Stewart departed this life Sept. the 29 1744 O. S.
    Margaret Stewart departed this life Feb. 12 1755 N. S.
    Lazarus Stewart his hand and write and he is the true owner of this Book bo't yr 1750
    This book was bought in year one thousand Seaven [sic] hundred and Twenty nine 1729
    Lazarus Stewart David Stewart
    James Stewart Peter Stewart
    Lazarus Stewart his hand and pen in the year of our Lord God 1744
    William Cunningham departed this life the twelfth of March 1789
    Robert Cunningham was born in the year of our Lord May 16 1784
    Sarah Cunningham was born in the year of our Lord Fegbruary 178. [1783?]
    William Cunningham was born in march the 16 1788
    Lazarus Stewart was Born the Seventh day of December 1779
    William Stewart was born the Eighth day of September 1781
    Thomas Hill was born April the Ninth one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three
    Lazarus Stewart Departed this Life December the 2 1781
    Lazarus Stewart his book 1764
    Steal me not for fear of Shame for underneath is my Master's name
    Lazarus Stewart

    The Tribe of Lazarus Stewart of Paxtang, Pa.
    Stewart Clan Magazine, March 1958, Volume 35, Number 9, Tome G

    Under this euphonius heading the Stewart Clan Magazine printed an article in the October number, 1928, beginning with a family tradition that "six brothers -- James, Robert, Lazarus, Samuel, Duncan and Stephen Stewart -- all settled at the junction of the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers in Pennsylvania," Lazarus, who was the sixth of twelve children, "was born in Scotland, went to Ireland, thence to Holland and from there he came to New England, and in 1729 he setled at Lanaster, Pa., where he died. His children were Robert and Alexander. Robert was the father of Capt. Lazarus, born in 1734, and of James, who died in 1783, leaving a son Lazarus. Aleander's children were Lieut. Lazarus, George and Mary. Capt. Lazarus, born in 1734, married [lic. Aug. 14, 1765] Martha Espey. He was killed in the massacre of Wyoming, July 3, 1778."

    This account is not reliable. The reputed five brothers of Lazarus have not been identified in any record nor mentioned by any other source, nor is the list of Lazarus's children correct. According to records found since that story was printed Lazarus Stewart married Margaret Steuart, sister of George Steuart of Donegal township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvannia, as indicated by an entry in a minute book of the Pennsylvania board of property: "28th 12 mo. 1728 [Feb 28, 1728-9] George Stewart requests the grant of about 500 acres of land below the fork of Sawatara Creek, 200 for himself and 300 acres for his brother-in-law, Lazerus Stewart."

    Lazarus Stewart died Sep.29,1744, O. S. [old style]. Margaret Stewart died Feb. 12, 1755 N. S. [new style]. These data are from a Bible printed in 1725 and bought by Lazarus Stewart in 1729 and possessed later by his son Lazarus. Lazarus and Margaret had seven children -- John (who married Frances --); Margaret (who married James Steuart); Lazarus; Peter; James; Mary (who married John Young); and David....

Family: Margaret Steuart b. s 1688, d. s 12 Feb 1755


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John Walton Thomas

M, b. circa 1866
  • Last Edited: 10 Dec 2017

Family: Hettie Grimsley b. c 1876, d. 11 Sep 1963

Nannie Brooks

F, b. say 1852
  • Last Edited: 10 Dec 2017
  • Birth*: say 1852
  • Marriage*: say 1873; Principal=James Lawrence Judge
  • Married Name: say 1873; Judge

Family: James Lawrence Judge b. s 1850

Josiah John Hall

M, b. 14 January 1842, d. 16 June 1926
  • Last Edited: 17 Dec 2017

Family: Mary Ellen Rowe b. 15 Jun 1851, d. 25 Dec 1932

Mary Ellen Rowe

F, b. 15 June 1851, d. 25 December 1932
  • Last Edited: 17 Dec 2017

Family: Josiah John Hall b. 14 Jan 1842, d. 16 Jun 1926

Francis Mace

M, b. 1703, d. 13 February 1749
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Ann Newby b. 1 Nov 1708, d. 3 Mar 1752

Solomon Gross Jr.

M, b. say 1769, d. 1843
  • Last Edited: 14 Dec 2019

Family: Sarah Leverette b. s 1775, d. c 1805


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    and Membership Roll" Microfilm # 687 available through interlibrary loan;
    Mercer University.

Sarah Leverette

F, b. say 1775, d. circa 1805
  • Last Edited: 10 Nov 2019
  • Birth*: say 1775
  • Marriage*: say 1793; Principal=Solomon Gross Jr.
  • Married Name: say 1793; Gross
  • Death*: circa 1805

Family: Solomon Gross Jr. b. s 1769, d. 1843

Nannie Kirby

F, b. 30 July 1882, d. 26 September 1957
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: John Walter Allen Jr. b. 9 Oct 1880, d. 12 Jul 1955


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    Family Tree ID # LYQJ-TZW.

John Walter Allen Jr.1

M, b. 9 October 1880, d. 12 July 1955
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Nannie Kirby b. 30 Jul 1882, d. 26 Sep 1957


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Marion Frank Kirby

M, b. 4 January 1887, d. 11 July 1958
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017


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    Family Tree ID # LYQJ-GSG.

Hammond Kirby1

M, b. 2 March 1892, d. 14 October 1973
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Mittabel Head b. 23 Jul 1903, d. 23 May 1993


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Mittabel Head1

F, b. 23 July 1903, d. 23 May 1993
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Hammond Kirby b. 2 Mar 1892, d. 14 Oct 1973


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John T. Kirby1

M, b. 1 August 1893, d. 19 August 1972
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017


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Thomas Harris

M, b. circa 1854
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Charles Harris

M, b. circa 1856
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Lowesia Harris

F, b. circa 1858
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Cynthia Beasley

F, b. circa 1787, d. before 1870
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Charles Harris b. 14 Feb 1780, d. 20 Sep 1858


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Charles Harris1

M, b. 14 February 1780, d. 20 September 1858
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Family: Cynthia Beasley b. c 1787, d. b 1870


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    Memorial ID 97128683.

Jarvis Harris

M, b. circa 1861
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Mary Harris

F, b. 13 December 1863, d. 9 June 1948
  • Last Edited: 27 Sep 2020

Family: John Richard Arledge b. 8 Dec 1860, d. 29 May 1946

Florence Harris

F, b. circa 1867
  • Last Edited: 23 Dec 2017

Margaret Steuart1

F, b. say 1688, d. say 12 February 1755
  • Last Edited: 25 Feb 2019
  • Birth*: say 1688; Ireland; brother of George Steuart, per Lancaster Co., PA court case1
  • Marriage*: say 1710; Principal=Lazarus Stewart1
  • Married Name: say 1710; Stewart1
  • Death*: say 12 February 1755; Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania1
  • (Referenced Name) Biography*: 16 December 2018; There is evidence that Margaret was a sister to George Steuart, and to John Steuart of Donegal Township. There is speculation that their father may have been Sir. Robert Stewart of county Donegal, Ireland. See the references to Stewart Clan Magazine.; Principal=George Steuart2
  • (Referenced Name) Biography: 16 December 2018; John, brother of George and Margaret Steuart.; Principal=John Steuart of Donegal

Family: Lazarus Stewart b. c 1683, d. 29 Sep 1744


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George G. Martin

M, b. 24 December 1908, d. 30 January 1979
  • Last Edited: 13 Jan 2018

Family: Alma Hobbs b. 20 Sep 1917, d. 31 Dec 1995


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    Memorial ID 13906856.
  2. [S1940] 1940, , Year: 1940; Census Place: Rabbit, Calhoun, Alabama; Roll: T627_8; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 8-15
    Household Members:

    George G Martin

    Alma Martin

    Harlan H Martin

    Hattie L Hobbs

Harlan H. Martin

M, b. 22 January 1938, d. 22 October 1961
  • Last Edited: 13 Jan 2018


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    Memorial ID 13906854.

Mary Adeline Garing

F, b. say 1913
  • Last Edited: 13 Jan 2018
  • Birth*: say 1913
  • Married Name: circa 1931; Roberts
  • Marriage*: circa 1931; Principal=Ira Bernice Roberts

Family: Ira Bernice Roberts b. 29 Jan 1911, d. 22 Jun 1990

Barbara Ann Roberts

F, b. 10 February 1937, d. 30 April 1996
  • Last Edited: 13 Jan 2018


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