Some notable people in this file. Suggestions for additions are welcome. The ones at the top are from the Griffin/Strickland/Sewart side of the family. The ones toward the bottom are from the Latimer/Moon/Jackson side.
  • James White II An early leader in the Quaker Church in North Carolina, James wrote the earliest surviving poem from the Carolinas or Virginia. A letter he wrote to his brethren in 1698 is currently included. James was the great grandfather of Mary Davis, who married William Griffin in 1747 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. One great grandson of William and Mary was William Henry Griffin (1847 - 1924) of Clay County, Alabama.
  • Will Rogers Born in the Oklahoma Territory, Wll Rogers was a roper, worked in vaudeville and was a movie star, before becoming a radio broadcaster and political commentator. He died in a plane crash in 1935. He was a descendant of Robert Rogers, who was the great great grandfather of Penelope Daniel, wife of John Griffin (1785 - 1855) of Chambers County, Alabama
  • William Berry Hartsfield Mayor of Atlanta, GA. He was the great grandson of John Glenn (died 1828) and wife Mary Brooks of Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He was the second cousin of Fuller E. Callaway, of Callaway Mills. He was also the second cousin of William Henry Griffin (1847 - 1924) of Clay County, Alabama.
  • Fuller Earle Callaway Merchant, textile manufacturer. He began his business career at the age of eight and at the age of eighteen opened "Callaway's Famous Five and Ten Cent Store," which grew into the first department store in west Georgia as, "Callaway's Famous Mammoth Department Store." His largest achievement, however, came in textile manufacturing where upon he owned nine textile mills, commonly known as Callaway Mills, in and around La Grange, Georgia. His business interests grew to include warehousing, insurance, grocery, and banking concerns.
    He was the great grandson of John Glenn (died 1828) and Mary Brooks, of Oglethorpe County, Georgia. His second cousins included Atlanta mayor William B. Hartsfield, and William Henry Griffin (1847 - 1924),
  • Cason Jewell Callaway Textile Manufacturer, Philanthropist and co-Founder of Callaway Gardens. Son of textile manufacturer Fuller Earle Callaway, Sr. and Ida Jane (nee Cason) Callaway, Mr. Callaway and his wife, Virginia Hollis (nee Hand) Callaway are noted for their reforestation and conservation efforts in establishing Callaway Gardens at Pine Mountain in Harris County, Georgia on land depleted from intensive farming operations. First opening on May 21, 1952 as the Ida Cason Gardens, the name was changed in 1955 to Ida Cason Callaway Gardens, and shortened to Callaway Gardens in 1962 and is today operated by the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Mr. Callaway, who established himself in his father's business of textile manufacturing, served as treasurer and director of sales of the various operations owned by Callaway Mills. He also served as president of Unity Cotton Mills, Milstead Manufacturing Company, Elm City Cotton Mills, Unit Spinning Mills, Manchester Cotton Mills, Calumet Mills (LaGrange, Hogensville and Stark Plants), Truline Inc., Valway Rug Mills, and Valley Waste Mills. He also served as president of Callaway Mills from 1932 until 1938 when he retired, thereafter devoting his time and resources to agricultural conservation efforts. He serviced as a member and chairman of the board of regents of the University system of Georgia, director of United States Steel, the Shell Oil Company, Chemical Corn Exchange Bank of New York City, the Trust Company of Georgia and the Nutrition Foundation and trustee of LaGrange College.
    He was the son of Fuller Earle Callaway, and was the great great grandson of John Glenn (died 1828) and Mary Brooks, of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
  • Thomas Hill Watts Attorney General of the Confederacy, and Governor of Alabama, a descendant of Jacob Patton and wife Jane.
  • Wilson Strickland Wilson Strickland served in the Battle of San Jacinto in the Texas Revolution, and won a parcel of scrub land which he abandoned. Decades after his death, Hubble Oil discovered a huge reserve of oil on his land. Various Strickland families have claimed inheritance of this land, but to no avail. We do have at least two Wilson Stricklands in our line: Wilson S. Strickland, born 1837, son of Calvin, and George Wilson Strickland, born 1857, son of Lloyd. The Wilson Strickland of oil fame was probably born around 1815, and is a cousin of unknown distance.
  • Earl Daniel James Mayor of Montgomery, AL, and descendant of Larkin Strickland and Margarett Stewart.
  • John Levi Stewart John Levi Stewart was an early settler of the Florida Territory. He was an Indian scout and soldier, helped establish the state lines, and served in the territorial legislature. His father John was the son of the James Stewart born in 1723, son of Lazarus. John Levi was a first cousin of Virgil Adams Stewart.
  • Sir John Stewart Sheriff of Bute Sir John may have been the ancestor of our Lazarus Stewart of early Pennsylvania. To help establish this, males named Stewart who descend from Lazarus need to take the Y-DNA test on, and join the Stewart-Bute and Stewart (royal) Y-DNA projects on that site.
  • Capt. Lazarus Stewart In 1755 Lazarus raised a company for the provincial service in Gen. Braddock's campaign, and in the subsequent Indian wars he was an officer of distinguished daring. In December, 1763, exasperated by the incursions of the Indians and by the inaction of the Quaker assembly, he led a party of men against the savages and massared a settlement of them at Conestoga. A warrant for his arrest, orderng the constable to bring Stewart to Reading gaol [jail], was issued nine years afterward by the assembly, but no one would arrest him, because of the attitude of the people of Lebanon. In company with a number of families from Hanover he removed to the Wyoming valley, in Luzerne county, where he took the side of the settlers from Connecticut against the claims of the Penns. He was captain of a company of forty Paxtang Rangers, in the pay of Connecticut. At the beginning of the Revolution he promptly took up the cause of independence. Lazarus and the Wyoming Massacre both have articles on Wikipedia. Lazarus was a grandson of the original Lazarus Stewart of PA, who is an ancestor of Margarett Stewart Strickland.
  • Virgil Adams Stewart Virgil Adams Stewart played a role in uncovering the Yazoo Land Fraud in early Mississippi, and has been mentioned in several books. He was a grandson of James Stewart (born 1723) of North Carolina, and a first cousin of Margarett Stewart (born 1799) who married Larkin Strickland.
  • Noel Francis Noel Francis was an actress, known for Blonde Crazy (1931), Left-Handed Law (1937) and I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932). She was the great granddaughter of Nancy COHRON Hammond, sister of Sarah Brooks COHRON Halsey.
  • Robert Brooke President of the Provisional Council of Maryland, and therefore acting governor, in 1652. He was an ancestor of William Franklin Moon.
  • Josiah Beall Josiah's claim to fame was that he was one of the 12 justices of Frederick County, MD who repudiated the Stamp Tax, the first judicial official nullification of English rule in 1765.
  • Samuel Beall Said to have built the first American cannon for the Revolutionary War. He was the great great grandfather of Dr. James Pennington (wife Nancy Caroline Smith) and his sister Elizabeth (Pennington) Moon, wife of John Chapel Moon, of Tallapoosa County, AL.
  • Ninian Beall In brief, was a large landowner in western Maryland, and may have owned land under what is now Washington, DC. He deeded some of his land to his son George Beall, some 60 acres of which may have become the beginnings of Georgetown. Some think George had a son Thomas who was the second mayor of Georgetown. Others seem to think that Thomas was the grandson of Ninian's brother. In 1871, Georgetown, Maryland, became part of Washington, DC. Jacquelin Kennedy is said to have bought Thomas Beall's home in Georgetown after John Kennedy's death in 1963. Ninian Beall was an early ancestor of William Franklin Moon.
  • Thomas Fox Thomas Fox, possible ancestor of Jane Fox, was a member of the Virginia Company of London in 1608 - 1609, which financed the original colony at Jamestown, VA. Jane Fox appears to have been an ancestress of the Jacksons of Brunswick County, Virginia, and of Leroy Jackson of Tallapoosa County, Alabama.
  • Walter Leake Walter Leake was one of the first two senators from Mississippi, and was the state's second governor. He was the great grandson of William Leake and Mary Bostick. Mary Bostick was either the daughter or the sister of Charles Bostick, our immigrant Bostick ancestor. This would make Leake a third or fourth cousin to our direct Bostick line. Descendants of Walter Leake include Haley Barbour, former Governor of Mississippi, and Senator John McCain of Arizona.