Sally (?)

F, b. say 1798
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  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=Levi Daniel
  • Married Name: Daniel
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1798

Family: Levi Daniel b. c 1796, d. 1853

Sarah (?)

F, b. say 1756
  • Last Edited: 17 Jul 2001
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1756
  • (Bride) Marriage*: say 1775; Groom=Nathan Daniel
  • Married Name: say 1775; Daniel

Family: Nathan Daniel b. c 1754, d. 1809

Amos Daniel

M, b. after 1776, d. after 1830
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  • (Child) Birth*: after 1776
  • Death*: after 1830; Washington Co., Georgia
  • Biography*: May 2006; From: Lew Griffin
    Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 10:09 PM
    To: 'ruthann@SawNet'
    Subject: Amos Daniel genealogy

    Hi Ruth,
     Just based on your analysis of the data, I think you have a good lead on Amos Daniel, son of Nathan. I suspect he may well have been the Amos Daniel who shows up in Washington County Georgia by 1804:
    Headrights and Bounty Grants of Georgia:
    The columns are: Last Name, First Name, County of Grant, Grant Book, Page, # of Acres, Year of Grant:
    Daniel, Amos, Washington, EEEEE, 762, 27, 1804
    From John R. Clarke, Daniel-L mailing list:
    “Also, there was a James Daniel in Washington County in Sep of 1812 because he witnessed a warrant for land survey along with Joseph Daniel on 200 acres of land granted to another 4tgr grandfather of mine, Colby Smith.”
    Your 15-year-old James Daniel (born 1797) would have been old enough to have been the above witness.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: ruthann@SawNet
    Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    Subject: Amos Daniel genealogy
    Hi Lew:
    I've looked at your WorldConnect site to find Amos Daniel. Do you think he's the same Amos Daniel listed in the 1820 Washington Co., GA census?? I'm very interested to find out more about Amos
    I have two brothers, James Daniel, b. 1797 in GA & Alexander Daniel, b. 1799 in GA and believe there might be a connection to Amos from what I can see in the census.
    Amos is listed in the 1820Washington Co., GAcensus as being 45+. At the very least he would have to be b. in 1775. (Which would corespond very nicely with your data on Amos.) Living with Amos is two white males 16-26, which would have made them b. between 1794 and 1804 - corresponding nicelywith my 2 brothers.
    Amos is not listed in the 1830 Washington Co. GA census as Head of House.
    There is anAlexander Daniellisted with a white male 50-60. That would make this unknown man b. between 1770 and 1780 - again corresponding to the range of Amos Daniel's age in the 1820 census.
    James Daniel settled in Monroe Co., AL about 1824 and married Lydia Davis (dau. of John Davis and Elizabeth Murphy). Alexander also migrated to Monroe Co., AL about 1835 and married there in 1836 - probably because of the death of the white male listed in the census.
    On this small thread, I'd like to believe that Amos was that man listed liviing with Alexander Daniel in the 1830 census.
    Do you know anything more about Amos??
    Many thanks for any thoughts on this relationship - Ruth

Teresa Barnes

F, b. say 1776
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Family: Stephen Daniel b. c 1774

Gatsey Truett Daniel1

F, b. 1811, d. 1876
  • Last Edited: 21 Oct 2000

Family: Washington May Stanton b. s 1809


  1. [S104] Joshua Stanton, Hartsville, SC, 1998 e-mail, e-mail address,.

Washington May Stanton

M, b. say 1809
  • Last Edited: 10 Aug 2001

Family: Gatsey Truett Daniel b. 1811, d. 1876

Huldah Truit Daniel

F, b. 5 May 1824
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Child) Birth*: 5 May 1824

Nancy Truett Daniel

F, b. 23 October 1807
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Nathan Parker Daniel

M, b. 14 January 1806
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Henry Green Daniel

M, b. 31 October 1827, d. 9 November 1879
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