John Scoggin

M, b. 22 July 1721
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Richard Scoggin

M, b. 15 February 1723
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Francis Scoggin

M, b. 22 August 1725
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Anne Scoggin

F, b. 25 May 1734
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  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: 25 May 1734

William Scoggin

M, b. circa 1696
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  • Biography*:      In June 1714 William Scogin of Bristol Parish in Prince George County sold to Clement Lanier of Southwarke Parish in Surry County for 1 shilling... land above the head of upper Chipoakes Creek between Thomas Farmer and Capt. Cocke. Land was sold by Samuel Swann and wife, Sarah Swann, to William Harvey in July 1689, who willed it to said Scoggin. Witnesses were Robert Nicholson, Jr., and Joshua Nicholson (Deed Bk 6, p.192).
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1696
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1714; Bride=Rebecca (?)

Family: Rebecca (?) b. s 1698

John Scoggin

M, b. circa 1662, d. circa 1725
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Family: (?) Harvey b. s 1664

(?) Harvey

F, b. say 1664
  • Last Edited: 29 Jul 2001
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=John Scoggin
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Biography*: In Feb 1719, William Mixon and wife Elizabeth sold 120 acres to William Short. 100 acres of this land was formerly owned by William Harvey, deceased, who willed it to John Scoging and his [William's] daughter Frances Scoging, who sold it to the said Mixon. (Surry Co. Deeds 1715-1730, p. 246)
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1664

Family: John Scoggin b. c 1662, d. c 1725

John Scoggin Jr.

M, b. circa 1692, d. circa 1727
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Family: Susannah (?) b. s 1694

Susannah (?)

F, b. say 1694
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  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=John Scoggin Jr.
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Married Name: Scoggin
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1694

Family: John Scoggin Jr. b. c 1692, d. c 1727

Rebecca (?)

F, b. say 1698
  • Last Edited: 31 Dec 2018
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1698
  • (Bride) Marriage*: say 1714; Groom=William Scoggin
  • Married Name: say 1714; Scoggin

Family: William Scoggin b. c 1696

Rebecca Scoggin

F, b. 7 January 1721
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David Scoggin

M, b. 27 November 1725
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Frances Scoggin

M, b. circa 1694
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  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1694

Samuel Magruder

M, b. 1654, d. 1711
  • Last Edited: 22 May 2011
  • Biography*: Captain Samuel Magruder was a contemporary and neighbor of Alexander Beall" (B-ALEX-2/1649) (McLean, p. 14) Served PGC as militia captain 1696, as commisioner 1697, high justice 1699-1705, member of House of Burgess 1704-1707. [Will WM1:235]. Samuel Magruder will 1711 mentions "my brother John Pottinger." (Carolyn Collins (NVXJ48A) Indiana). Sarah Bell Magruder named two of her children, Mary and John, as a compliment to her sister Mary, and her husband John POTTENGER. Mary Bell POTTENGER named two of her children, Sarah and Samuel, as a compliment to her sister, Sarah and her husband Samuel Magruder. The apparent fondness of Sarah Bell Magruder for Colonel Ninian Beall and his family indicates either a relationship or strong friendship. She named her second son for Colonel Ninian; and in her will of 1734 whe makes valuable presents to Mary and Samuel Beall, children of Ninian Beall(2), 1672-1710" . Samuel Magruder will 23 Nov 1710-31 Dec 1711 (PGW I:46; Heterick I:32), lived Good Luck.
  • (Child) Birth*: 1654; Calvert Co., Maryland
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 1686; Bride=Sarah (?)
  • (Testator) Will*: 23 November 1710; Prince Georges Co., Maryland; Will or probate of Samuel Magruder, was written or filed on Sunday, November 23, 1710. Surnames listed in will or probate: MAGRUDER, POTTENGER, SMITH, WILLETT

    Sary Magruder - wife & executor
    Samuel Magruder - son
    Ninian Magruder - son
    John Magruder - brother
    John Magruder - son
    James Magruder - son
    William Magruder - son
    Alexander Magruder - son
    Nathaniel Magruder - son
    Elizabeth Magruder - daughter
    Sary Magruder - daughter
    Alexander Magruder - brother
    Nathaniel Magruder - brother
    John Pottenger - brother
    Edwd Willett, Tabitha Willett, Ann Smith - witnesses
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1711; Prince Georges Co., Maryland

Family: Sarah (?) b. c 1658, d. 1734

Sarah (?)

F, b. circa 1658, d. 1734
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  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1658
  • (Bride) Marriage*: 1686; Groom=Samuel Magruder
  • Married Name: 1686; Magruder
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1734; Prince Georges Co., Maryland
  • Research Note*: 11 December 2014; There are several myths that have attributed Mary, wife of John POTTINGER,
    and Sarah, wife of Samuel MAGRUDER as being children of Ninian BEALL.
    While that has been disproved, in that the evidence shows that Ninian's
    daughter Mary married Andrew HAMILTON,30 the thought remains among some
    researchers that they were BEALL sisters, and relatives of Ninian. The
    couples were related in that Samuel MAGRUDER in his will call John POTTINGER
    his "brother" [brother-in-law].

    Recent research of Brice Clagett (Nov. 2001) concluded that John POTTINGER
    married Mary MULLIKAN and Samuel MAGRUDER married Sarah POTTINGER, sister
    to John. This was based on relationships derived from John DEMALL in his
    1725 calling Robert POTTENGER, son of John and Mary his "cousin."18 Research
    of mine in Feb. 2002 concluded that he overlooked that Robert POTTENGER's
    wife Ann EVANS was niece to DEMALL's wife, Mary EVANS. While CLAGETT's
    research could still be valid, and Mary a MULLIKIN and Sarah a POTTENGER,
    it cannot be considered as proved.27

    The theory which at present has the most validity is that Samuel MAGRUDER's
    wife Sarah may have been the daughter of William MILLS and wife Tabitha, and
    thus a step-daughter to Tabitha's second husband Thomas BLANFORD.28 Some
    MAGRUDER researchers believe that John POTTENGER may have had a short-lived
    marriage to Samuel MAGRUDER's sister Elizabeth. Note, though, that in 1706
    the estate of William MILLS, Jr., there was a payment to "John POTTENGER
    for the use of Martha BLANFORD."29 Martha was a daughter of Thomas
    BLANFORD and wife Tabitha, and half-sister to the MILLS children. If the
    children of Thomas BLANFORD were named in order in his will, Martha was the
    youngest. If the children were born about every two years after Tabitha
    (widow MILLS) married Thomas BLANFORD, then Martha was probably born about
    1686-1690. One implication of the payment to John POTTINGER for Martha
    BLANFORD would be that Martha was living with his family. With both her
    parents dead, a logical place that Martha, a single age 16-20 year old female,
    would live would be with one of her [half]-sisters.1

Family: Samuel Magruder b. 1654, d. 1711


  1. [S1] from Fredric Z. Saunders

Alexander Magruder

M, b. 1610, d. 1677
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family 1: Margaret Braithwaite b. c 1613, d. b 1656

Family 2: Sarah (?) b. 1630, d. 1671

Margaret Braithwaite

F, b. circa 1613, d. before 1656
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1613
  • (Bride) Marriage*: circa 1636; Groom=Alexander Magruder
  • Married Name: circa 1636; Magruder
  • (Deceased) Death*: before 1656

Family: Alexander Magruder b. 1610, d. 1677

Iain MacGregor

M, b. say 1325, d. 19 April 1390
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • Biography*: Iain was the second Chief of Clan Gregor. He was the son of Gregor, first chief of the clan, and from whom the clan derived its name.
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1325
  • (Deceased) Death*: 19 April 1390


Gregor MacGregor

M, b. say 1350, d. 1415
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • (Interred) Burial*: Dysart
  • Biography*: Gregor, 3rd Chief of the clan, also known as Gregor Aulin McAne Chaim and Gregor of the Golden Bridles, of Glenorchy. He married Iric, the daughter of his uncle Malcolm MacAlpin, son of Malise. Gregor died in 1415, and was buried at Dysart.
  • (Groom) Marriage*: Bride=Iric MacAlpin
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1350
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1415

Family: Iric MacAlpin b. s 1347

Iric MacAlpin

F, b. say 1347
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=Gregor MacGregor
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Married Name: MacGregor
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1347

Family: Gregor MacGregor b. s 1350, d. 1415

Gillespie Macgregor

M, b. circa 1375
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Biography*: Gillespie was the "Chruiter," or harper, of his family. His children were called "MacChruiter," or "son of the harper."
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1375


Gilawnene (William) Macgruder

M, b. circa 1413
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Biography*: William was probably a Culdee (monk) of the Glen Lyon fraternity, and was a witness to the Charter of Comrie, dated 10 March 1447.
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1413

Gillespie (Archibald) Macgruder

M, b. circa 1453
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1453