Robert Hatton

M, b. say 1582
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001
  • (Groom) Marriage*: Bride=(?) Engham
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1582

Family: (?) Engham b. s 1584

Thomas Baker

M, b. say 1569
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Maria Engham b. s 1580

Maria Engham

F, b. say 1580
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Thomas Baker b. s 1569

Charles Bostick

M, b. between 1640 and 1650, d. 4 January 1701
  • Last Edited: 9 Jan 2010
  • Biography*: On 7 April 1671, Charles Bostock was listed as a headright, transported to Virginia by George Pool, Richard Fastinglae, James Barningham and James Forsith. According to Virginia patent book 6, p. 352, Charles was probably a surveyor. Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers, p. 696, lists a Charles Bostock in Burton Parish, Virginia on 8 December 1679, as owing 500 pounds of tobacco for the use of the County. The Saint Peters Parish Register, New Kent County, Virginia lists the death of Charles Bostock on 4 January 1700/01. The same register lists a Mary Bostick who died on 7 December 1709. This Mary is believed to be the wife of Charles. The Saint Peters Parish Register also lists the marriage of James Crump and Venicia Bostick on 14 July 1709. Venicia is believed to be a daughter of Charles and Mary Virginia (Copeland) Jantz of Wayco, Texas, in "Copeland, Bostick, Patton and Allied Families" states that a Bostock manuscript found at the Society of Genealogists Library in London, England indicates that Charles Bostock may have been a descendant of the Bostock families residing in London during the early 1600's. The name Charles was found in these families. In 1625, a Charles Bostock was Master of the Scriveners's Company of London and he had a son, also named Charles, born about 1606, who was a physician. The Bostock families of London seemed to have originated from Cheshire, in the area of Davenham and Tarporly. The 1704 Quit Rent Roll of Virginia shows that a John Bostock had 100 Acres of land in New Kent County and that a William Bostock had 80 acres in the same county. It seems likely that they were brothers and possibly sons of Charles and Mary Bostock. Both John and William Bostick died in Goochland County, Virginia.
  • (Child) Birth*: between 1640 and 1650; England
  • (Groom) Marriage*: between 1665 and 1675; Bride=Mary (?)
  • (Father) Christening: 24 June 1680; New Kent Co., Virginia; Christened=Mary Bostick
  • (Deceased) Death*: 4 January 1701; New Kent Co., Virginia

Family: Mary (?) b. s 1652, d. 7 Dec 1709

Mary (?)

F, b. say 1652, d. 7 December 1709
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Family: Charles Bostick b. bt 1640 - 1650, d. 4 Jan 1701

William Bostick

M, b. circa 1680, d. 1740
  • Last Edited: 29 Jan 2020
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1680
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1703; Bride=Unknown (?)
  • (Testator) Will*: 30 December 1739; Goochland Co., Virginia; From Beth (West) Streu:

    I haven't been able to find any record that proves William's wife was an Audley or that her name was Elizabeth. The deposition given by William Arnold states "Valentine Bostick, this deponent and Elizabeth, his wife, who subscribed their names to the said Will in the prescence of the testor who was then of sound mind and memory, according to the Judgement aaand Belief of this Deponant, according to the best of his memory, the Teastor".

    This could be understood that Elizabeth was the wife of the deponent, William Arnold. It is possible that William Arnold meant that Elizabeth was the wife of William Bostick. However, it's possible that William Bostick's wife had died since he made no provision for a wife in his will.

    Valentine Bostick was the son of William's brother, Charles. Some researchers believe that Valentine's sister, Elizabeth, was married to William Arnold.

    The children were John, Charles, William, and Mary Frances.

    Will of William Bostick Sr. His Will was taken by deposition The original is recorded in Goochland County Virginia, book 3, page 311. His is the oldest legal document found by this researcher. Typed and spelled as closely to the original as possible. Provided by, James Bostick Morse of Olive Branch, MS. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    The Deposition of William Arnold of Goochland County, aged fforty or thereabouts, being sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposeth & saith that William Bostick, late of this County, deceased, did on the thirteenth of December last, make this Will and Testament in writing and signed sealed and published the same, in presence of these witnesses, that is to say, Valentine Bostick, this deponent and Elizabeth, his wife, who subscribed their names to the said Will in the prescence of the testor who was then of sound mind and memory, according to the Judgement aaand Belief of this Deponant, according to the best of his memory, the Teastor had by his Will disposes of his Estate in the following manner. To his son Charles, he gave all his land surveyed and unsurveyed; Also his two negroes, Sam & Jenny; All his stock of hogs & half of his cattle and all his corn and tobacco; Two ffeather beds, his tools of all sorts; Half of his Pewter, two iron pots; one leather trunk; some leather chairs, but how many this Deponant cannot remember. To his son, William Bostick, he gave one horse, one brass kettle & ffive pounds cash. To his daughter, Mary ffrances, he one feather bed & one cow & calf. All the resedue of his Estate he gave to be equally divided amoung his three sons, John, Charles & William & his daughter Mary ffrances. This is all this Deponant can remember of the last Will and Testament of William Bostick, deceased, & futher saith not. Taken before us June 16, 1740. Wm. Mayo Daniel Stoner

    The deposition of John Bostock of Goochland County, aged Thirty Years or thereabouts, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, he deposeth & saith That since the Death of his ffather William Bostock late of this County he this Deponant he had often seen & read his ffathers Last Will & Testament; that his said ffather had thereby disposed of his Estate in manner deposed by William Arnold; that the said Last Will & Testament hath since been burnt together with the Dwelling House of the deceased & further this Deponant saith not. Taken before us June 16, 1740. Wm. Mayo Daniel Stoner

    At a Court held for Goochland County June 17th, 1740, these Depositions were Ordered to be Recorded in Prepetuam iei memorium according to the Prayers of the petition of Charles Bostick.

    Goochland Co., VA Deed Book 3, pg. 311. Instituted 16 Jun 1740. Grantor (seller) William Arnold of Goochland Co., aged 40 years or thereabouts, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, has deposeth and saith that William Bostik, late of this county deceased, did on the 30 day of December last, in his last will and testament in writing, and signed, sealed and published the same in the presence of three witnesses: that is to say; Valentine Bostik, this deponent and Elizabeth his wife, who subscribed their hands to the said will in the presence of the testator who was then of sound mind and memory according to the judgement and belief of this deponant and, according to the best of his memory, the testator had by his said will, disposed of his estate in the following manner." Sworn before: William Mayo, Daniel Stoner (followed by deposition of John Bostock; agreeing with deposition of William Arnold)." (src. AFAS VOL VII, GOOCHLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA, pg. 61)1
  • (Deceased) Probate*: June 1740; Goochland Co., Virginia
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1740; Goochland Co., Virginia
  • Biography*: 31 December 2018; William Bostick wrote his will 30 December 1739. In the deposition of the will, it was stated that the original Will was witnessed by William Arnold and his wife Elizabeth and Valentine Bostick. The deposition was taken 16 June 1740 and was ordered recorded in Goochland County, Virginia 17 June 1740 (Will book 3, p. 311). The relationship with Valentine Bostick has not been found, possibly he was William's brother. Valentine's wife was named Mary.

Family: Unknown (?) b. s 1682

Unknown (?)

F, b. say 1682
  • Last Edited: 29 Jan 2020
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1682
  • (Bride) Marriage*: say 1703; Groom=William Bostick
  • Married Name: say 1703; Bostick
  • Biography*: 31 December 2018; This writer has found no evidence that William's wife was an Audley. The idea has been suggested by others, but without evidence.1

Family: William Bostick b. c 1680, d. 1740


  1. [S47] Lewis W. Griffin Jr..

William Bostick Jr.

M, b. circa 1712, d. 1792
  • Last Edited: 26 Oct 2001
  • Biography*: William Bostick, Jr. was born between 1711 and 1713 in New Kent County or Henrico County, Virginia. His will mentions his wife, Micha and Obediah Bostick, the son of his daughter, Keziah. But in Oct 1778, he gave Charles Bostick 168 acres "where William now lives" for "love and affection" and five shilllings (Halifax Co VA Deed Bk 11, p.125). This is a strong indication that Charles was William's son. Also, in 1788 Charles bought 100 acres from William Harris and John Scoggin, which William Harris had bought from William Bostick three years earlier (Halifax Deed Bk 13, p.248, and 14, p.454). When William, Jr. sold the 100 acres in Halifax County in 1785, he moved to Caswell County, North Carolina, where Charles Bostick had owned land since at least 1778. The area where William and Charles lived was split into Person County in 1792.
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1712
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1735; Bride=Micha (?)
  • (Testator) Will*: 10 April 1790; Person Co., North Carolina
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1792; Person Co., North Carolina
  • (Deceased) Probate*: September 1792; Person Co., North Carolina

Family: Micha (?) b. s 1714

Micha (?)

F, b. say 1714
  • Last Edited: 31 Dec 2018
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1714
  • (Bride) Marriage*: say 1735; Groom=William Bostick Jr.
  • Married Name: say 1735; Bostick

Family: William Bostick Jr. b. c 1712, d. 1792

Millie M. Vaughn

F, b. 1843, d. 1906
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Charles Henry Bostick b. 7 Oct 1844, d. 18 Jan 1929

Drusie Harbin

F, b. 1872, d. 1958
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Child) Birth*: 1872
  • (Bride) Marriage*: after 1907; Groom=Charles Henry Bostick
  • Married Name: after 1907; Bostick
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1958

Family: Charles Henry Bostick b. 7 Oct 1844, d. 18 Jan 1929

George Austin Bostick

M, b. 1876, d. 1944
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Ellen Estell Hale b. 1887, d. 1923

Ellen Estell Hale

F, b. 1887, d. 1923
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=George Austin Bostick
  • Married Name: Bostick
  • (Child) Birth*: 1887
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1923

Family: George Austin Bostick b. 1876, d. 1944

Lillie Blanche Bostick

F, b. 22 July 1907, d. 11 September 2005
  • Last Edited: 24 Sep 2006

Family 1: Johnny A. Morse b. 1906, d. 1985

Family 2: Jimmy Lenzie Morse b. 1900, d. 1930


  1. [S2] Social Security Death Records,.

Jimmy Lenzie Morse

M, b. 1900, d. 1930
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Lillie Blanche Bostick b. 22 Jul 1907, d. 11 Sep 2005

Johnny A. Morse

M, b. 1906, d. 1985
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Lillie Blanche Bostick b. 22 Jul 1907, d. 11 Sep 2005

Charles Bostick

M, b. after 1704, d. 1782
  • Last Edited: 25 Jul 2002

Family: Betty Hendricks b. a 1706

John Bostick

M, b. circa 1710, d. 1767
  • Last Edited: 23 Sep 2001
  • Biography*: John was born about 1710 in either New Kent County or Henrico County, VA. His date of birth is based on the deposition of the estate of his father, William Bostick, in 1740, in which it was stated that John was about thirty. John died in 1767 in St. Paul Parish, Georgia. This area became Richland County, GA in 1777. Augusta is the county seat of Richland County. John Bostick lived for several years in Pittslyvania County, VA. He moved to Georgia about 1763 taking some of his children and their families with him. John married Elizabeth. The family tradition is that she was a Chesley, but no proof of this has been found. They named a son Chesley and there were several Chesley Bostick's in later generations. Some researchers say there is no proof that Elizabeth ever went to Gerogia since she is listed in Pittslyvania County, VA in 1777, relinquishing her dowry rights to some land that John had previously owned. This appears to have taken place after John had died. Possibly Elizabeth went to Georgia and returned to Virginia after her husband died. (This article is from a report prepared by James Bostick Morse)
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1710
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1733; Bride=Elizabeth (?)
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1767; St. Paul's Parish, Georgia

Family: Elizabeth (?) b. s 1712

Mary Frances Bostick

F, b. after 1704
  • Last Edited: 19 Oct 2000
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: after 1704

Keziah Bostick

F, b. say 1738
  • Last Edited: 8 Aug 2017

Venicia Bostick

F, b. circa 1680
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: James Crump b. s 1680

James Crump

M, b. say 1680
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001

Family: Venicia Bostick b. c 1680

John Bostick

M, b. circa 1680, d. 1760
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Elizabeth (?) b. s 1682

Mary Bostick

F, b. before 24 June 1680
  • Last Edited: 9 Jan 2010

Alexander Beall

M, b. 1649, d. 1744
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000
  • Biography*: Public Life. 30 Jul 1695, with other county officers, congratulations to King William on escaping assassination. (FMMB 131) 10 Nov 1696 as civil officer & magistrate of PGC joined with other officers, various counties, in letter to King William declaring their loyalty after an assassination attempt. (Archives of Md, Proceedings of the Council, 20:538-546, Russell, Charles Beall, p. 99). 1699, foreman of Grand Jury at Charlestown, PG Co March Court, 1699. 9 September 1713 purchased from Col. Ninian Beall Friendship Northside of Col. William Diggs Land. (stretched from now Washington City to the Burnt Mills, on Sligo Creek. FMMB:131) "In December 1706...accompanied by his minister, Rev. Nathaniel Taylor, to a meeting attended by six other ministers from Maryland, Philadelphia and establish an organized Church from among the independent congregations. That meeting was the beginning of the Presbyterian Church in America....On Oct 11, 1709 Alexander Beall was again named Trustee for a Presbyterian Church when Dr. Mordecai Moore of Anne Arundel County deeded to Rev. Nathaniel Taylor, Alexander Beall, James Beall and others, as Trustees, a half acre ofland on the Eastern Branch of the Potomac for a Church. That new site was more convenient to Alexander Beall, who...lived halfway between Marlborough and the Eastern Branch, than the Patuxent River Church initiated by Ninian Beall in 1704. 7 Dec 1703 Largo patented to Alexander Beall & William Offutt. Friendship Enlarged was patented to Alexander Beall on May 14, 1716. This tract of land contained 920 acres and fronted on the Northwest Branch of the Patuxent River, a short distance from their juncture. This tract lay about ten miles northeast of Beall Town, now Bladensburg, Maryland; also about 15 miles northeast of the mouth of the Anacostia River in what is now Washington, DC. (McLean, p 11-12) 9 Nov 1719 for love and affection gift deeded to his son Ninian 430 acres of Friendship Enlarged (PGLO F:257). 24 Sept 1721. purchased part of Largo from several parties (not Bealls). Will. Will 16 Jan 1743-5 Sep 1744 (Maryland Prerogative Wills, 23:543; Russell, Charles Beall, p. 99). "To brother Robert, all my wearing apparel. To Lingan Wilson's wife, my chaise and horses." Witnesses Meredith Davis, John Conry, Joseph Beall.
  • (Groom) Marriage*: Bride=Elizabeth Coombs
  • (Child) Birth*: 1649; Fife, Scotland
  • (Baptized) Baptism: 11 October 1649; St Andrews Church, co. Fife, Scotland
  • (Deceased) Death*: 1744

Family: Elizabeth Coombs b. s 1651

Elizabeth (?)

F, b. say 1712
  • Last Edited: 14 Jul 2001
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1712
  • (Bride) Marriage*: say 1733; Groom=John Bostick
  • Married Name: say 1733; Bostick

Family: John Bostick b. c 1710, d. 1767

Betty Hendricks

F, b. after 1706
  • Last Edited: 19 Oct 2000
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: after 1706
  • (Bride) Marriage*: after 1727; Groom=Charles Bostick
  • Married Name: after 1727; Bostick

Family: Charles Bostick b. a 1704, d. 1782

John Bostick

M, b. say 1736, d. 6 August 1796
  • Last Edited: 17 Jul 2001

Family: Jane (?) b. s 1738

Jane (?)

F, b. say 1738
  • Last Edited: 17 Jul 2001
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Groom=John Bostick
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Married Name: Bostick
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1738

Family: John Bostick b. s 1736, d. 6 Aug 1796

Mary Ann Phillips

F, b. circa 1814, d. 11 October 1847
  • Last Edited: 8 Nov 2016

Family: Ephraim Pennington b. 9 Feb 1809, d. 23 Nov 1862


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