Herlie Mabry

M, b. say 1917
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  • (Child) Birth*: say 1917

Mary Ann E. Smith

F, b. circa 1831, d. circa 1871
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Family: George Varner b. c 1817, d. b 1900

George Varner

M, b. circa 1817, d. before 1900
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Family 1: Mary Ann E. Smith b. c 1831, d. c 1871

Family 2: Sarah Jane Findley b. May 1846, d. a 1900


  1. [S1880] 1880 Census, Year: 1880; Census Place: Marble Valley, Coosa, Alabama; Roll: 9; Family History Film: 1254009; Page: 298B; Enumeration District: 054; Image: 0602.

    Household Members:     
    Name     Age
    George Varner     63
    Sarah Varner     40
    Judith Varner     7
    Sidney Varner     5
    Whitfield Varner     3
    Robert Varner     1.
  2. [S261] Lisa Elaine Bannister e-mail, 2005 - 2017,.

Sarah Catherine Smith

F, b. circa 1833, d. circa 1891
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Family 1: William M. Dendy b. c 1833, d. c 1865

Family 2: Ellis Underhill Davis III b. c 1835, d. c 1904

William M. Dendy

M, b. circa 1833, d. circa 1865
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Family: Sarah Catherine Smith b. c 1833, d. c 1891

Ellis Underhill Davis III

M, b. circa 1835, d. circa 1904
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Family: Sarah Catherine Smith b. c 1833, d. c 1891

Charles Richard Smith

M, b. circa 1835, d. 6 May 1864
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  • Name-Comm: Richard Smith
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1835; Troup Co., Georgia
  • Name Variation: 1 June 1860; Charles C.; from 1860 census
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 30 December 1860; Tallapoosa Co., Alabama; Bride=Sophia Frances Lasseter
  • (Deceased) Death*: 6 May 1864; Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia
  • Biography*: Richard, as he was called, was 1st corporal in Company F, 47th Alabama Infantry, during the Civil War. He was injured in the battle of Seven Pines, VA, and died in a camp hospital at Wilderness Academy, shortly thereafter.

    The following letter to Lew Griffin from Laverne Sellers mentions his wife, her family, and Richard's daughter:

    345 Woodfield Drive
    Auburn AL 36830
    Feb 14 1978

    Dear Mr. Griffin:
         My grandmother Sophie (Sophia Frances Lasseter) married Charles R. Smith (I do not have date) [LWG: 30 Dec 1860]. Their daughter, Ella Eudora Smith was born Oct 2 1862. My mother, Sarah Neighbors Graves did not know aunt Ella's birth date until about 1938 when Mamma's first cousin, William B. Neighbors, was visiting from Seattle, WA. He said she was two months older than he. I do not have a record with me. My mother always thought that Sophia did not know for a certainty that Richard was killed.
         I was born in December, 1895. My father was James Jefferson Graves and was born in Chambers Co. AL in 1858. He had married Samantha (Mantie) Thomas and had Ernest, Walton, Luxie, and Luther. Samantha died April 11, 1894. Papa's home was south of Alex City where Wind Creek park is now. Sarah Penelope Neighbors was born Apr 9 1876 about 3 miles S.E. of Alex City. My mother was the 7th child of her mother's 8 children. When Sophie died her sister Penelope Dendy of Sand Mountain (Albertville) took Ella Eudora to her home. After Benjamin F. Neighbors died Ella came home and lived with Ben's 2nd wife and the three youngest children.
         About 1963 I prepared a booklet on our Graves family. I'll copy a few sentences from it. "Sophie Frances Lasseter married 1st Richard Smith, who was killed at Seven Pines in 1862. Sophie was born May 4 1840, died Sep 7 1883, married Benjamin F. Neighbors Oct 26 1865. Sophie was the daughter of Wm. (?) Elisha Lasseter and Sarah Powell Lasseter. Sarah was born Mar 27 1812 and died Jul 5 1860. Sarah was the daughter of Wm. Powell, born Jan. 3 1788, the son of Moses Powell, Jr and his wife, Sallie Maddux. Wm. Powell married in Jasper Co. GA Jan. 25 1809. Wm. Powell died in Tallapoosa. Co. AL near Alex City, Feb 19 1859."
         .... Sophia, Smith Neighbors and Benj. F. Neighbors were buried in their yard on Scott Road. Their graves are marked, I have been to them. When Uncle Ben Neighbors married there was a sale at the home place. Aunt Nannie (the youngest child) went to De Leon, TX, to live among her brothers there. After a year or so her friend Claude Stowe went out there and married her. In a, short time they moved back to Alabama and finally to Mobile. Uncle Ben, who had married Flora Stowe, returned from Texas and after the dam was built they lived at Kellyton. Two children are dead and two live at Oxford, AL. All my half brothers and sisters are dead and two of my own -- one brother and one sister, are dead. Six of us are living.
         AUNT Ella, is buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church about six miles south of Alex City in my family's lot. She was retarded and of course did not marry. I think she was happy enough, but lonely.
         There's lots I'd like to tell but do not have time. If you care to know more write and ask, or better still, come by and ask in person. I have known many of Aunt Ella's kin. Yours, Laverne Sellers

Family: Sophia Frances Lasseter b. 4 Mar 1840, d. 7 Sep 1883

Sophia Frances Lasseter

F, b. 4 March 1840, d. 7 September 1883
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Family 1: Charles Richard Smith b. c 1835, d. 6 May 1864

Family 2: Benjamin Franklin Neighbors b. 7 May 1839, d. 29 Mar 1888


  1. [S1] The Powell Family of Norfolk and Elizabeth City County, VA, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, 1961, page 77.

Martha Adeline Smith

F, b. 10 May 1838, d. 17 May 1930
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Family: Thomas James Lester b. 23 Oct 1834, d. 25 Apr 1905


  1. [S1] Western Division, Beat 10, Pinckneyville P. O., p. 366.

Thomas James Lester

M, b. 23 October 1834, d. 25 April 1905
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Family: Martha Adeline Smith b. 10 May 1838, d. 17 May 1930


  1. [S1] Western Division, Beat 10, Pinckneyville P. O., p. 366.

John W. Smith

M, b. circa 1841, d. 5 October 1864
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  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1841; Troup Co., Georgia
  • (Deceased) Death*: 5 October 1864; Civil War; John served in the 14th Alabama Infantry, Company G, the Hillabee Blues. He was sent home wounded and died in Tallapoosa County.1

Susannah Smith

F, b. 25 May 1843, d. 19 June 1908
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Family: Allen Duncan b. 6 Aug 1843, d. 10 Feb 1915


  1. [S1900] 1900 Federal census, , Bartlett, Williamson, Texas; Roll: T623 1679; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 124.

Allen Duncan

M, b. 6 August 1843, d. 10 February 1915
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  • Biography*: Allen married Susannah while on furlough from the Civil War. He soon returned to his unit, and on November 30, 1864, Allen was captured and taken prisoner during the battle of Franklin, TN. He and his brother, John Bryant Duncan, were sent to Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL, where John died of smallpox. Allen remained in prison until the close of the war. After the war he returned home, weak and emaciated after six months of prison life, a shadow of his former self. Allen and his wife had inherited the William Wynn Smith homestead at Fosheeton in 1864, and lived there for several years after the war. They then moved to New Site, AL, a few miles away, where Allen ran a grocery business. In November 1880, Allen went to Texas on a prospecting tour. He first stopped over in east Texas with a friend of the family, Dan Boone, who lived near Linden, TX. Allen made arrangements to have his family follow him a month or two later, in 1881. Having planted several crops there, he was not entirely satisfied with that part of Texas. Having heard so much about the black land belt, he decided to try his luck elsewhere. So in the Fall of 1884 he moved to Bartlett, Bell County, TX, two years after the Katy Railroad went through there. The Mayo family, having come to Texas from near New Site, AL, had bought land and settled near Bartlett a few years in advance of Allen's coming. (The farm they sold in Alabama was purchased by Lee Roy Jackson in the 1870's.) So the first crop Allen made was on the Henry Mayo farm, about two miles northwest of Bartlett. Allen's sister-in-law, Laura Ann Duncan, came to Texas in 1886, and married Henry Mayo. This necessitated a change, for then Henry Mayo wanted his place back. So Allen and family moved just south of Bartlett, on the "Old Mayo homestead," and planted one or two crops there. They then moved down to Taylor, TX, where Allen farmed and fed a lot of ranch stock for about two or three years. In 1890 Allen and family moved back to Bartlett, TX, and lived about one and one-half miles south of town on what was known as the "Felton Place." After a year or two Allen bought 165 acres, two and a half miles northwest of Bartlett, then known as the "Old Satchel Place," and later owned by Alois Weiderspahn. In the Fall of 1895, Allen formed a partnership with a Mr. Lineberger in a grocery business, and moved to Bartlett. In 1896 or 1897 Allen dissolved his partnership with Lineberger and went in the livery stable business. In 1901, Allen traded all of his town property for a large farm seven miles east of Bartlett. In November 1906, Allen decided to give up farm life once again and move back to Bartlett. In 1907 he sold the farm east of Bartlett and took a smaller farm about three miles northwest of Bartlett. About this time as well, he went into to hardware and furniture business, taking his two sons, Will and Allen, Jr, with him and forming a company known as the Duncan Hardware Company. He remained an active member of this company until his death in 1915.
  • (Child) Birth*: 6 August 1843; Georgia
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 14 April 1864; Tallapoosa Co., Alabama; Bride=Susannah Smith
  • (head of family) 1900 Census*: 1 June 1900; Bartlett, Williamson Co., Texas; Wife=Susannah Smith, Brother-in-law=James Chesley Bostick Smith1
  • (Deceased) Death*: 10 February 1915; Williamson Co., Texas

Family: Susannah Smith b. 25 May 1843, d. 19 Jun 1908


  1. [S1900] 1900 Federal census, , Bartlett, Williamson, Texas; Roll: T623 1679; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 124.

James Chesley Bostick Smith

M, b. 23 March 1849, d. 6 November 1900
  • Last Edited: 2 Mar 2015


  1. [S1900] 1900 Federal census, , Bartlett, Williamson, Texas; Roll: T623 1679; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 124.
  2. [S3] FindAGrave.com, .
    Find A Grave Memorial# 25846049.

Rebecca Bostick

F, b. circa 1810
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Family: Smith Elder b. 1803, d. 1897

Smith Elder

M, b. 1803, d. 1897
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Family: Rebecca Bostick b. c 1810

(?) Hamrick

F, b. circa 1767, d. circa 1805
  • Last Edited: 3 Jul 2020
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1767
  • (Bride) Marriage*: circa 1788; Groom=Chesley Bostick
  • Married Name: circa 1788; Bostick
  • (Deceased) Death*: circa 1805
  • Biography*: 3 July 2020; The surname of Chesley's first wife is unknown. But it is possible that she was a Boswell, as there was a Boswell Bostick in the next generation of the family who may have been her and Chesley's son. Further research is needed on this possibility. The 1800 census shows Chesley and his first wife with two sons aged 10-16 and five daughters, four under ten, and one aged 10-16. Boswell Bostick may have been one of Chesley's sons. He was born around 1791, and the 1800 census indicates that one of Chesley's sons was born possibly as late as 1790. Boswell named a son Chesley, another indication that Chesley was his father. And a reasonable explanation for Boswell's name is that it was his mother's maiden name. Chesley's brother Reuben named a son Davidson, which was the maiden name of Reuben's wife. It seems reasonable that Chesley's son was named Boswell for the same reason. Also, Boswell himself named a son McBrayer, and Boswell's wife was Narcissa McBrayer. So this seems to be a naming pattern in use in this family, and suggests both that Boswell was the son of Chesley and his first wife, and that his first wife was a Boswell. This writer has not been able to establish the identities of Chesley Bostick's other son or sons.

    It is also possible that Chesley's wife was a Hamrick, or a McSwain. These seem to be closely related families. I seem to be getting lots of DNA matches on Hamrick and McSwain descendants.1

Family: Chesley Bostick b. c 1768, d. a 1830


  1. [S47] Lewis W. Griffin Jr..

Sally Bostick

F, b. circa 1790
  • Last Edited: 21 Feb 2002
  • Biography*: Sally is assumed to be a daughter of Chesley Bostick, as she was married in Rutherford County, NC, and cannot be proven to be the daughter of any of Chesley's brothers.
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1790
  • (Bride) Marriage*: 1812; Rutherford Co., North Carolina; Groom=William McSwain Jr.
  • Married Name: 1812; McSwain

Family: William McSwain Jr. b. c 1790

William McSwain Jr.

M, b. circa 1790
  • Last Edited: 3 Aug 2001
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • Biography*: This was perhaps the William McSwain born September 2, 1792 in Rutherford Co, NC, son of William McSwain and Judith Moore, but this has not been confirmed. The book "The Hamrick Generations" by S. C. Jones, published in 1920, says that Sally Bostick married James McSwain, but that is either an error, or else she was married to both William and James. A marriage bond in Rutherford County strongly suggests that she was at least married to William. The two men were brothers, James was the elder, born September 17, 1787.
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1790
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 1812; Rutherford Co., North Carolina; Bride=Sally Bostick
  • (resident) Census: 1820; Rutherford Co., North Carolina
  • (resident) Census*: 1830; Rutherford Co., North Carolina

Family: Sally Bostick b. c 1790

Lucy Bostick

F, b. circa 1797
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Family: Obediah Hester b. c 1795


  1. [S1850] 1850, Census, Page 350, Civil Division 25.

Obediah Hester

M, b. circa 1795
  • Last Edited: 30 May 2003
  • (Deceased) Death*: Timpson, Shelby Co., Texas
  • (Employee) Employment*: Waggoner||
  • Biography*: Obediah served in the War of 1812, having enlisted in Spartanburg Dist, SC.

    The following is from Gene Pitman (gpitman@calpha.com) as sent to Betty Jo Ellis (Betty_Ellis@msn.com). Gene Pitman received this from Myron Crawford in Mineral Wells, TX:

    ACCOUNT GIVEN BY AUNT MOLLIE CRAWFORD BEFORE SHE DIED. Obadiah Hester, born 1795, S. C., died Shelby Co, Tx., 1872,. buried in the Tenn. Community Cem. No marker. Perhaps grave is lost. Obadiah Hester married Lucy Bostic in Rutherford Co., N.C., June 8, 1814. She was born 1799, S. C., died in Shelby Co., Tx. No date or grave found. Obadiah Hester was a vet. of 1812 War. He served from Sept. 14, 1814, to March 1, 1815. He received two 80 acre grants of land in Ala. --one in DeKalb Co. in 1855. John F. Ramsey signed the second 80 acre grant application as a resident of DeKalb Co., Ala., Apr 16, 1855. So my grandfather Cobb (Zelma's) might have been born there. Aunt Ann also. Uncle Obie Ramsey was born 1857 in Montgomery Co., Ala. Obadiah Hester had a freight business. His partner was Obie Hooper. This line was from Montgomery Co. to Wetumpka in Elmore Co. John F. Ramsey worked for him and lived in Montgomery Co. for a while. Aunt Mollie said her Grandpa Hester saw that his children worked but did little himself. Obadiah and Lucy's children at home 1850 Census, DeKalb Co., Ala. Pamela age 19, Melinda age l6, John age 14, Cordelia age 13, [Lew Griffin: Not in the 1850 census, but also apparently mentioned in this sentence] Chris, Earl, Caroline, and Elizabeth Hester. In 1859 Pamela H. Hitt and Melinda H. Penn and Obie and Lucy Hester went to Hopkins Co., Tx. It seems they came with John Foster Ramsey and Elizabeth to Texas. It was ten years before Obadiah and Lucy Hester came back to live near their daughter, Elizabeth Hester Ramsey and John Foster Ramsey in Shelby Co., TX. Aunt Mollie said Grandpa Obadiah Hester got his soldier's pension several months before he died. He applied in Texas.
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1795
  • (Groom) Marriage*: 8 June 1815; Rutherford Co., North Carolina; Bride=Lucy Bostick
  • (resident) Census: 1830; St. Clair Co., Alabama
  • (resident) Census: 1840; De Kalb Co., Alabama
  • 1850 Census*: 1 June 1850; De Kalb Co., Alabama; Principal=Lucy Bostick1
  • (resident) Census*: 1860; De Kalb Co., Alabama

Family: Lucy Bostick b. c 1797


  1. [S1850] 1850, Census, Page 350, Civil Division 25.

Richard Bostick

M, b. circa 1774, d. circa 1839
  • Last Edited: 28 Nov 2013
  • (Child) Birth*: circa 1774; Halifax Co., Virginia
  • (Groom) Marriage*: say 1797; Bride=Ann Link
  • (Deceased) Death*: circa 1839; Gwinnett Co., Georgia
  • Biography*: In 1788, Richard's father bought land in Halifax County, VA from John Scoggin, and may have given it to Richard a few years later, as Richard seems to have been living in Halifax County in the late 1790's. In 1796, he was involved in a paternity suit with Delilah South, apparently in Halifax County (Person County NC Deed Bk B, p.172). He was probably the Richard Bostick who married Ann Link in Halifax Co, VA in 1798. Richard and Ann evidently lived in Halifax Co, VA for a few years as there is a bill of sale dated 31 Oct 1800 between Buckley Walker and Richard Bostick of Halifax County, VA, recorded in Person County, NC (Deed Bk 6, p.208). On 5 Mar 1807 Richard bought two tracts of land on Millstone Ford of Sandy Run in Rutherford County, NC, from James Gage, one tract of 100 acres and another of 200 acres (Rutherford Deed Bk. 25, p.17). That same day Richard's brother, Reuben, also bought land from Gage. In April 1808, Richard was named as security in the estate settlement of Henry Die (Rutherford County Misc Records, Griffith Rutherford Chapter, DAR, 1972). After the death of his father, Richard received 100 acres of land on which Charles was living when he wrote his will in 1813. Richard is shown on the War of 1812 muster roll of the 1st Regiment of the Detached Militia of Rutherford County, in Aug 1814 (History of Old Tryon and Rutherford County, Clarence W. Griffin, 1977). Richard witnessed the will of George Moore on 4 Mar 1817, and the will of John Jones on 15 Sept 1819 (Rutherford County Misc Records). On 4 April 1825, William Carson, Rutherford Co. sheriff, sold three tracts of land to settle a judgement against Richard Bostick, Joseph Scoggins, and John Haney. The sheriff advertised the land, which was sold 19 Oct 1824, and which was bought by the highest bidder, Thomas Stroud (Deed Bk 35, p.167). Sometime after April 1825, and before the 1830 census, Richard and his family moved to Gwinnett County, GA. He appears on the 1830 census there, along with his son John. By 1840, the only Bostick listed in Gwinnett County is Richard Jr., a son of Richard and Ann's. John Bostick, another son, moved back to Rutherford County. Richard joined the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Gwinnett County, and is shown on the church rolls. This church was organized in 1827, so Richard was an early member (record found in the DAR Library in Washington, DC). Richard and Ann had nine children according to the 1820 Rutherford County census, but definitive proof of each is lacking.

Family: Ann Link b. s 1776

Susannah Bostick

F, b. circa 1766
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Family: Reuben Parrott b. 14 Feb 1762

Reuben Parrott

M, b. 14 February 1762
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Susannah Bostick b. c 1766

Reuben Bostick

M, b. circa 1772, d. before 1813
  • Last Edited: 6 Oct 2000

Family: Margaret Davidson b. s 1774

Margaret Davidson

F, b. say 1774
  • Last Edited: 28 Jul 2001
  • Biography*: After Reubin died, Margaret and family moved to Kentucky, along with her Davidson relatives.
  • (Deceased) Death*:
  • (Child) Birth*: say 1774
  • (Bride) Marriage*: 12 September 1797; Rutherford Co., North Carolina; Groom=Reuben Bostick
  • Married Name: 12 September 1797; Bostick

Family: Reuben Bostick b. c 1772, d. b 1813

Lucy Bostick

F, b. circa 1770
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Family: George Reynolds b. s 1768

George Reynolds

M, b. say 1768
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Family: Lucy Bostick b. c 1770